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Back in 2009 I had a myriad of music on here (some of which I'm re-uploading) but thanks to my low credibility and lack of musical knowledge (the songs were too short according to some) I didn't get very good ratings or reviews. Now I'm much more methodical in my musicing (oh yeah! I can use music as a verb!) and I plan to outdo myself in my art, music and any possible animations.

But anyways I've got a few projects in mind but I won't divulge anything until the time is right. And even though I'm just a small speck in this large world I plan to make my mark. It's all in a matter of time. So make sure you stop by and say hi!

-- WEDNESDAY AUGUST 5, 2009 --

In the Name of Evil (1:20) - This is one of my older songs that I couldn't take down because it was used in a flash (a horrible one I might add). But I love it in a nostalgic way and is a constant reminder of how far I've come not only through music but in life as well.

Also apparently there was an eclipse on this day. Random right?

-- FRIDAY MAY 13, 2011 --

Celestial Bodies (9:42) - Nothing to say about this one really. Some are just accidents turned into beautiful harmonized music. Geniusness came in a glass and that glass is now full.

Blue Flavor (6:46) - This is my favorite song by far that I've ever made. A lot of weed was smoked during the making of this and I honestly can't believe how well this worked out. It was like magic. Well magic and avid finger motions lol

-- SATURDAY MAY 14, 2011 --

Galaxy Bounce (3:29) - One day I'm going to dance with aliens and this is the song that will be playing. Call me crazy but you'll see. You'll ALL see!!

Nature's Endeavors (2:48) - I love this song. It's really progressive. Almost mysterious but with a calm yet chilling twist only to leave you guessing.

-- SUNDAY MAY 15, 2011 --

Rustic Tramplin' (3:27) - This is your classic bad guy tune. Not quite the boss but possibly an underling like a second in command or even a evil lair theme.

- - - Grandpa Has a Glass Eye (0:32) - This is a remix that was done April 19, 2010 when I previously had this song uploaded. Remix credit goes to shpongled1 who may or may not be dead. Who knows. Message him if you're dying to know. lol

Tantalizing (7:29) - This is the slowest song I've made. It's at 40 Tempo. Just listen and let it ease into the beat until your ears orgasm with musical passion.

-- MONDAY MAY 16, 2011 --

Dark Intentions (3:34) - This makes me feel like I'm chasing after a train or something possibly on horseback.

Snowy Day (0:41) - I'll give you a cookie if you can figure exactly what that laugh is from :) Remember on Monday morning when you were listening to the radio just HOPING that the buses were canceled for school? Well they were and I made a song about it.

-- TUESDAY MAY 17, 2011 --

Fiddlesticks (2:39) - It's called 'Fiddlesticks' cause it has a fiddle in it. Get it? lol Anyways I really like this one even though it was really simple.

Personal Gratification (1:05) - Not much to say about this one since it's really old and I don't remember making it xD It was supposed to be a loop but meh.

-- THURSDAY MAY 19, 2011 --

Rewind My Mind (4:01) - Not much to say about this one. It was just something quick and simple I did a while ago to kill time.

Pink Elephants (2:21) - Kids, don't do drugs. This is what lack of sleep and a half quarter of pot did to inspire me :)

That's all the old music I'll be uploading. From now on everything will be fresh and less boring. So if you like my music and need a song for something let me know and I'll gladly oblige. But above all make sure you tell your friends about me :)

-- SUNDAY MAY 22, 2011 --

FNG's Trance Collab MixDown P1 (8:34) - Thanks to FurryNG I let him use one of my songs in his Trance Collab and I think it worked out rather well! Mad props to FurryNG and the other artists who participated in this collaboration :)

If this were an album I would name it 'Shine Corrupted' ~ Zombiffix


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